Freeport Drop-Off Boxes Still Full of Uncollected Donations

- FREEPORT -- You may have come across one of many purple donation boxes, labeled Book Donation Center, that are scattered throughout Freeport.

After an Eyewitness News report on the uncollected donations within the boxes last month, including cases in which the books have been piling upside the boxes themselves, the city of Freeport has kept a watchful eye on the them.

"They have been maintained. The garbage that was around the outside on the ground has been picked up," said John Menke, Building Inspector for the city of Freeport. "Our nuisance inspector cited the owner of the property that the drop box was sitting at. The intentions are good but the books aren't going to be used if they keep sitting in that drop box."  

Scott Burnham, spokesperson for USAgain, says many others do follow a code of conduct. Which includes: "They have to clearly label contact information on each bin in case any issue arises. It also calls for the clear labeling of bins when it comes to whether a bin is benefiting a charitable organization," said Burnham. 

Until the owner of those boxes takes charge, they'll keep getting fined when the donations end up on the ground.

"This will probably be an ongoing problem until the responsible party of this drop box empties all the books out," said Menke.

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