Freeport Woman Dies After Shooting During Domestic Dispute

- FREEPORT – Thirty one year-old Melissa Nickel and 31 year-old Kevin Scott have many pictures on their Facebook pages holding and hugging one another, but that was during happier times. Documents obtained by 'Eyewitness News' show their relationship had taken a dark and violent turn. That relationship that lasted 2.5 years ended with Nickel shot in the head in front of the home the two once shared. She died on Wednesday, while Scott remains hospitalized after being shot by police.

According to a document written by Nickel this was not the first time Scott had threatened her life. On April 4th, 2014 Scott drove the two up to Flagstaff Hill at Krape Park in Freeport; he kept her in the car and threatened her life multiple times with a knife, and then told Nickel he had been looking for a gun.

That terrifying incident prompted Nickel to file an Emergency Order of Protection against Scott, saying he was abusive and thought to be armed and dangerous.

Peter McClanathan, Assistant States Attorney of Stephenson County said “There is a court order that indicates a person is either supposed to stay a certain distance away, have no communication whether directly or by a third party, with the protected individual.”

Although that order was filed, police could not locate Scott to serve the document. Even if they had, Stephenson County Sheriff David Snyders concedes orders of protection do not always keep the abuser away “Often times it does, but in other situations, they will somehow, violate the remedies of the order of protection.” said Snyders.

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