Freezing Pipe Problems Have Water Utility Making Unusual Request

- MACHESNEY PARK -- The North Park Water District says problems with freezing pipes have become so frequent, it is asking some residents to run water continuosly until further notice.  They say freezing pipes are creating problems both within homes and in lines leading to them.

The area being advised to do so are customers who live south of Ralston Road to Windsor Road and west of Alpine to the Rock River.

Residents are asked to:
  • Allow water to run in a sink or tub with a flow that's at least the diameter of a pencil for 24 hours, 7 days per week until otherwise notified.
  • Open cabinet doors unders sinks and to other piping to allow heat to circulate around pipes.
  • Insulate or warm pipes in unheated basements or crawl spaces.

Anyone with questions can call the utility at (815) 633-5461.

Officials also note that anyone with concerns about freezing pipes can follow the guidelines above.

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