Fresh Air: Local Hospital Gets Patients Outdoors While Maintaining Treatment

- ROCKFORD -- This beautiful spring weather not only brightens your mood, but it literally improves your health.

Come take a walk in SwedishAmerican's Healing Garden on a beautiful spring day. It not only boasts beauty but also plenty of benefits.

"Just like we all feel really good when you have the chance to get out in the sun, the weather is a little warmer and you get a chance to open up and not be sort of cooped in, patients are the same way," said Dr. Thomas Schiller, President of SwedishAmerican Medical Group.

Because not only are they stuck inside but so are the germs. The Healing Garden offers a little fresh air and vitamin D for patients which Dr. Schiller says can relax them, boosting their overall heath.

"Lower stress means better immune system, it means all around general well being is improved," said Dr. Schiller, "and anything we can do to help our patients kind of get there certainly is a benefit."

And Telemetry is another way Swedes is doing that, by keeping track of patients even if they're out and about.

"Because it's in the wireless network that we've created, that allows you to kind of get out of not just your bed, and out of your room, but actually out of the building," said Dr. Schiller.

By clipping a piece to the patient, nurses can track their vital signs even from the great outdoors.

"How stress relieving is it to be able to get out enjoy the outdoors, enjoy the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and sort of expand your world a little bit," said Dr. Schiller.

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