Fresh Faces at Rockford City Council

Rockford's 6th Ward Alderman Leonard Jacobson will have more free time to tend to his garden. For the first time in thirty five years, eh will no be the 6th ward Alderman. Jacobson was defeated by Vernon Hilton in the February Primaries.


Jacobson says "I've done my service to the citizens of Rockford. I was born and raised in Rockford in the 6th Ward. I still live in the 6th Ward. I'm just happy I was able to give back to the community."


Monday's city council meeting will be the first since the April 9th elections.  Pat Curran is stepping down from his from his position as Rockford's 2nd Ward Alderman. He hopes the new faces will tackle Rockford's heavy crime situation.


Curran says "it's either gangbangers shooting each other, drive-by shootings, or somebody stealing to get something so they can buy drugs. It's the drug culture, and we've somehow got to break the cycle.


He is not sure Geo-Policing is the way to break that cycle.


Curran says "I've always been concerned about the cost of supporting three buildings and the administrations that would go on with three buildings."


Newly elected 3rd Ward Alderman Tom McNamara disagrees. He says "I definitely am for Geo-Policing. I think it offers residents an opportunity to build and force relationships with our police officers and on a more intimate basis."


McNamara is hoping to bring new ideas to Rockford. He says "I'm really forward to it. I think we have a great opportunity. I've met with several of the new alderman and we're eager to get on the same page and start pushing the city forward.


As for Jacobson, his focus is squarely on his garden, but he'll still keep an eye on what's happening in Rockford politics. He says "after thirty five years in the public eye, you just can't walk away."

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