Friday Hot Shots

- Someone was destroying a Vermont woman's bird feeder. But it wasn't local kids up to no good, it was a bear! She set up a security camera and caught him red handed. The same bear tore down another neighbor's screen porch. She's since taken the bird feeder down and covered up her trash cans.

It doesn't get much cuter than this. Four otter pups making their debut at a Seattle Zoo. They're only three months old but already they're playing and swimming around. Zookeepers say rearing the pups is a family affair. All of last year's pups help their new friends get up to speed.

Finally, a pair of ospreys in Maryland built a nest right in front of traffic cameras posted near a popular bridge. No eggs were laid, so transportation officials tore it down, but the birds simply rebuilt it. They became such a part of local tv news traffic coverage they named them Ozzie and Harriet. Officials built another perch 10 feet away and the birds eventually moved.


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