Frustrated Parent Struggling to Protect Child from Bullying

- Rockford- Richard Hart is a fourth grader at Nashold Elementary school who gets picked on at school. Hart got into a fight Thursday.

Hart’s father Matthew describes the fight saying “my son had no way to fight back against three people and he ends up getting punched in the face.”

Matthew Hart says his son gets picked on by the same older kids. The school has taken action by suspending the kids on several occasions, but the bullies come back and continue beating on Richard.

A frustrated Hart says “I would truly like to see them removed. Maybe they change schools or maybe expulsion.”

The beatings are hurting him physically and mentally. They usually happen around lunch time. Hart says “he now is fidgety. He does circles around his desk because he’s worried about lunchtime. You know, he reads under his desk so he’s left alone.”
Hart is running out of ideas on how to protect his son. He says “I truly feel helpless and I’ve never had that feeling in my life but when it comes to your children and there’s nothing that can help or fix their problem. It truly leaves you in a helpless place.”

Hart wants to get his son into self defense classes, but he can’t afford it.

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