Future of College Students' Financial Assistance Unknown

- "We want to make sure we invest in scholarships." (see attached video)

Governor Pat Quinn addressed a packed house at the Barsema Alumni and Visitors Center at Northern Illinois University. He wants the state to help pay for kids to go to college.

"My budget calls for investing $50 million dollars more in the Map program," said Quinn.

NIU sophomore, Joy Adams, is currently receiving money for school from the Map grant. Adams says she wouldn't be a Huskie without it.

"My mom doesn't make that much money and I don't think that I'd be able to afford NIU if I didn't have the Map Grant."

Which is why the governor proposed an increase in funding for the program during his state of the budget speech. He warns if it doesn't go through students like Joy may be forced to drop out of college.

"If we don't get the budget that I outlined last week that includes income tax revenue the budget is going to cut the Map Scholarship Program by $50 million dollars and thousands of students maybe 21-thousand or so students will lose their scholarships," said Quinn.

"I think I'd be very surprised not to have it because that's really going to help me pay for it these next two years," said Adams.

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