Geo-Policing a Hot Topic at City Council

- Rockford- Rockford Police Chief Chet Epperson updates Rockford’s city council on geo-policing.

10th Ward Alderman Frank Beach says “some of the information was new, some of it was just a repeat of some of the information we’ve heard in the past. Which is good because we have new alderman who need to have that information.”

Chief Epperson gave the council a formal breakdown of the three districts where Rockford police will be stationed when geo-policing starts in January 2014. He also explained why they chose district two as the trial district.

Chief Epperson says “we selected the area because of the call volume, the number of calls per service, and also the violent crime.”

8th Ward Alderman Jeanne Oddo agrees. She says “I believe it should be in the high crime area, so that we can get a better feel for working out any bugs there might be.”

Geographically, district two will be the central station in the city of Rockford. Supporters of geo-policing say they like the idea of police being assigned to a certain area in Rockford.

Oddo adds “all too often we know when there’s a call we get different police officers all the time. So this will build the bridges between policeman and the community. I think it’s great.

The alderman went over the cost of geo-policing during a closed session discussion.

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