Gov. Quinn Signs New Voting Legislation Into Law

OAK PARK -- Expansion of voting rights, or political re-election ploy?

Governor Pat Quinn (D) IL signed controversial legislation Tuesday which allows same day voter registration, allows some public universities to serve as in-person absentee voting centers on election day (in essense allowing students who are registered in other parts of the state to vote on campus), expands early voting and removes some voter ID. requirements.

So what's the controversy? The changes are only in effect for this coming November's election, in which Quinn faces a tough re-election fight against Republican nominee and businessman Bruce Rauner. The one-time modifications are generally viewed as aiding voters more likely to vote Democratic on election day, including students and minorities.

Still, Quinn hails the law as 'landmark legislation.' “Democracy works best when everyone participates,” Governor Quinn said in a news release. “By removing unnecessary roadblocks to the ballot box, more residents will be able to exercise their constitutional right and have their voices heard. This new law will help more people across Illinois have a say in how their community, state and nation are run.”

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