Gov. Rauner Summons Illinois Legislators for Special Session

10 days to reach a budget agreement before beginning of new budget year

WTVO/WQRF - Local legislators react to Gov. Bruce Rauner's decision to call a special session for 10 straight days at the end of June.  Rauner hopes the marathon session will finally produce a budget he would be willing to sign.

"We have little time, to change the direction of our state," said Rauner. "To come together around a budget compromise that creates a brighter future for all the families in Illinois."

But, a lot of time has passed in Illinois without a budget compromise. Rauner mandated state lawmakers back to the capitol for a special session. The state is in day 716 without a budget and both sides of the aisle are more frustrated than ever, including Rep. John Cabello (R-68th).

"There's nothing going on in Springfield," said Cabello. "That's the unfortunate part."

Both sides of the aisle unable to reach compromise.  State Rep. Litesa Wallace (D-67th) blames the Governor.

"The fact that he's held the budget hostage the last two years I think there are plenty of points in his own agenda, in his own ideologies, that we could work with that we could all find compromise on," said Wallace. "But, he has held the most vulnerable people in the state of Illinois hostage for the last two years."

Senate Democrats passed a budget plan, but House Democrats refused to vote on it. Wallace felt it had too many cuts.

"What passed in the Senate was balanced. There were cuts made," said Wallace. "It was not a plan that specifically focused on increased revenue.  It did have billions of dollars of cuts."

Cabello doesn't agree with a plan he says means more spending and a $5.2 billion tax hike.

"The government is not supposed to be the everything to everyone. Let's take care of the most vulnerable," said Rep. Cabello. "Let's take care of our children, our elderly and fully fund education.  Everything after that for now is fluff."

This session will be the first time lawmakers are in the State's Capitol since May 31st. July 1st would be the beginning of a new budget year. Rauner hopes to have signed a budget by then. Otherwise, the state can go into its 3rd year without a budget.

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