Government Building Consolidation Saves Taxpayers Millions

- SPRINGFIELD -- Governor Pat Quinn is boasting millions of  dollars in tax payer savings thanks to consolidation.

Offices are being eliminated and downsized. Most recently 2-point-5 million square feet of leased space.

It's part of Governor Quinn's plan to save taxpayers money.

"As part of Governor Quinn's review of FY 15 budget bills that he's deciding whether or not to sign, he's recognized 55-million dollars worth of savings in state lease payments," said Dave Blanchette, spokesperson for Gov. Pat Quinn.

And it's a statewide effort. Contracts on state leased buildings in Chicago, Springfield, Tuscola, Charleston and Effingham have all been scoured over.

"We've closed and consolidated more than 50 state facilities," said Gov. Pat Quinn.

And all together over the years, their closures add up to big bucks.

"The savings in lease space total 220 million dollars since the beginning of his administration," said Blanchette.

An outcome George Andrews would like to see more of here in Illinois.

"In any situation when you have expenditures are more than your income you've got to make cuts," said Andrews, a Springfield resident.

But sometimes that's harder said than done. Sometimes making these cuts comes with a cost, but the people we spoke with say, it make sense if there's going to be savings for taxpayers.

Think back to the closing of the Jacksonville Developmental Center or Dwight Correctional Center. Those closures, put a lot of people into an uproar.

"As far as I'm concerned, things like that are very unfortunate, you know when we put people at risk because we have to close facilities like that," said Andrews.

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