Government Shutdown Teaching Students a Lesson in Politics

- Rockford- Many of these students at Rock Valley College were in diapers during the last government shutdown.

Professor Michael Youngblood says “there was one young lady in class today, who asked about it because she really wanted to know what was going on because she’s never lived through a government shutdown before.”

So they have many questions. Youngblood says many of the kids in his economics class are still confused about why the government shutdown, and why an agreement has not been reached.

Youngblood tells them how these current events can affect their everyday lives. He says “for example, how it will affect interest rates. If we can’t reach an agreement on the budget, if we can’t reach the debt ceiling, and that will affect their ability to get car loans. It will affect interest rates on their credit cards and so forth.

Many on campus are worried. 19 year old Mariaah Reitman being one of them.

She says I’m just scared that like are we still in the same predicament that we were in when I was 2. like is it gonna be like this forever.”

Student Amanda Fluegel adds “it shouldn’t have shut down because they should have our backs 24-7, and because it shutdown, it’s just hurting the United States as well.”

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