Governor Quinn Looking To Improve Doggy Rights

- Last month Governor Quinn signed a law which requires dogs who are tied up outside, to have at least a ten foot lead. This makes it easier for dogs to maneuver around. 

This could help dogs find shade during hot summer days. It also prevents dog owners from using logging chains and tow ropes when tethering their dogs.

Two weeks ago Boone County Animal Services responded to a pitbull suffering from a stroke. He was tethered in his backyard in the blazing hot sun. 

The dog's owners were unaware of what was going on. When authorities got there, the dog's tongue had turned purple The pitbull is now healthy and back with his owners.

Jacqui Mitzelfelt of Boone County Animal Services says “if the tether was a little bit longer, the dog would have had access to get into his doghouse. But that’s the thing; the doghouse pretty much works as a sauna.”

Miztfelt explains they get calls at least three times a week about animals being left outside in the heat. They also get at least six calls a week on dogs being left inside cars.

Marcia Brice of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary is not a fan of dogs going for car rides period. She advises dog owners to leave their furry friends at home.

Brice says “on an eighty five degree day, within ten minutes in a car it can climb up to one hundred and two degrees.”The Animal Sanctuary prefers dogs they adopt to be inside dogs, but it is not make or break.

What they would like to see is dogs going for walks during cool periods.

Brice says “be sure it’s in the early morning or late evening. Don’t take them out for walks during the day. Even if they’re used to walks during the day for ten or fifteen minutes in real hot weather. Don’t do that.”

The law will take effect January 1st 2014. First time offenders will be fined seventy five dollars. The second time the fee doubles.

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