Governor Spreads Word About the EITC

Chicago - You've been paying taxes all year, now the Governor wants to make sure you get your refund.

Gov. Pat Quinn (D) was in the Windy City spreading the word about how families can cash in on the state's Earn Income Tax Credit.  He says up to 20% of the people who qualify for the program miss out on their dollars because they don't fill out the proper paperwork, that's why tax assistance centers have been setup throughout the state, so residents can get their hard earned cash back.  "I think this is exactly what we need to do in our city and state" says Quinn.  "[We need to] reach out and help our neighbor work with firms like Wal-Mart that want to help the community and I think this is a good way to go."

The assistance services are free to those who qualify.  They're income-based, so a family that pulls in less than $50,000 will qualify, as well as individuals whose income is less than $25,000.

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