Grieving Family Raises Awareness to Hit-and-Run Accidents

BELOIT- Orange and pink balloons, Cassondra Lynn Sympson's favorite colors were released over the Rock River by the family and friends she was taken from.

"Sending balloons to heaven for her kids was something that I wanted to do," explained Sympson’s Sister Megan Liebgott.

Loved ones honored Sympson's memory after a hit-and-run crash claimed her life.

"People do hit-and-runs and they just leave, it's selfish. They didn't think of who they hurt. Not only did they hurt my sister, they killed her and they didn't even stay to help," said Liebgott.

Sympson was a passenger in a car with her two children, now ages two and three, who were in the back seat. They were driving through an intersection at Copeland and Yates in Beloit when another car failed to stop at a stop sign and smashed into them.

The two suspects then fled the scene.

"It's ridiculous. It's bad enough that they're getting hit, but my words are ‘to be a coward’ and run is not a good thing," said Sympson’s Mother Lisa Liebgott.

Those who knew Sympson best hugged and celebrated her life in Riverside Park.

"She was such a good girl and she died so senselessly that it just needed to be, her life should be celebrated," said Lisa Liebgott.

According to Beloit Police the driver accused of hitting Sympson's vehicle, Johnquayl Bell, was arrested shortly after the crash. He had later turned himself in.

Bell's passenger Chatavier Bell-Johnson has also been questioned by police.

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