Groundbreaking of Corporate Center in Machesney Park


MACHESNEY PARK - And they're off! With the first scoop of fresh dirt Thursday morning, Mayor Bolin paves the way for a big revenue maker for Machesney Park as well as bring in plenty of new jobs, “These 70 employees are going to need places to live, they're going to need places to shop, and with that it brings sales tax revenue which gives us money to improve our community.”

And even though today is just the beginning of this large project, the building firm already has two companies that'll call "The Park 90 Corporate Center" their home.  Greg Anderson, Community Development Coordinator for Machesney Park, explains: “HMC is a manufacturer of packaging equipment. . .SPC distributors is a local pool organization but it's also a national company."

And Bob Sanches, a partner of the Landmark Group building this complex, says there’s more to come, “We have approximately another half dozen companies that we're in serious negations with right now about moving out here."

HMC and SPC will begin moving into this 220 acre park--located at the I-90 / Route 173 junction--this winter.

And when all is said and done, this won't just be an industrial park.  In fact, restaurants and hotels will line Route 173 making this an attraction to all of Machesney Park."

Mayor Bolin is excited about it, “It's a huge--if I had a bigger word I would say it--it's a huge expansion for our community.”

And Sanches says just as with any business, the key to success is location, location, location: “You look at what's going on at Riverside and I-90 with Swedish American hospital, you look at what's happening here, Woodward Governor just a mile away, I mean this is where jobs are coming and where people are gonna be and I think this is the future growth of the area."

Landmark group officials say that the expansion of i-90 and close proximity to it is the selling factor that drew them to building this industrial park.

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