Hail Storm Damage Costs Locals Big Bucks In Repairs

- ROCKFORD - Saturdays hail storm hit the Stateline hard, causing thousands of dollars in property damage. Aaron Wiersema said he experienced major damage to his Rockford home.  “This is basically all the shingles that ended up in my yard from either my house or neighbors that were torn off of my roof.”

Wiersema is not the only one who saw his house damaged by the storm; there were dozens of houses in his neighborhood that needed repairs. After Mother Nature’s wrath was over, Stateline residents are now stuck with the bill.  “For a full new roof it could be about ten thousand dollars, so we will see what it is when the insurance company comes. I have heard that ten to fifteen thousand dollars is a pretty normal price.” said Wiersema.

Arvel Eldridge, the owner of Aeldridge Roofing company said he has seen thousands of dollars in damage. “The hail was busting through the roof vents and then significant damage to all the gutters and downspouts and then exterior things in people’s yards were also damaged” said Eldridge.

For locals who are looking to survey their property damage, Eldridge and his team suggest focusing in on metal siding and drains, and also the hail damage can wreak havoc on outdoor appliances like air conditioners. “The hail can block off the air conditioning vents, and if those are blocked, they do not cool down. Which can cause your air conditioner to explode.” said Eldridge

“With the clock ticking on insurance claims Eldridge says that it is important to take action now. “This storm comes in, and then you only have one year to file from this date, and if these shingles start flaking off a year later, if you don’t address it now, it is too late.”

Although your home may not appear to have major damage, it is best to have a professional take a second look. “You should have an experienced roofer come out and take a look, and assess the damage, and then after they see what is there, they will tell you to contact your insurance company to file a claim.” said Eldridge.

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