Harlem Shakes up its Image

MACHESNEY PARK, Ill.--It may seem like a simple thing, but the website for Harlem School District 122 isn't very good. Dr. Julie Morris, Harlem School District 122 Superintendant knows it all too well.


"Our community is telling us that we really need better information on that website," said Morris.


She went out and found PR, Etc, a public relations firm, to improve the site and the district's overall image.


The district has already paid $3,000 to upgrade the site and another $7,000 to upgrade the district's logo and improve Harlem's overall branding. A total of $10,000, which isn't all that much for Morris.


"We could very conservatively bring in expertise to help us build that structure."


It's not overstating the possibilities once the website is unveiled this fall.


"It might get more people in our district," said Kelly Nimtz, parent of a freshman-to-be at Harlem High School. "If we're promoting ourselves a little more, more people might want to have their kids go to school here."


That could mean increased revenue for the school district and increased productivity within the district as well.


"I think one of the key components now is the communication between your stakeholders, parents, athletes, other schools," said Kurt Weight, Harlem High School Athletic Director. "So all that information that's disseminated throughout the community, it's streamlined and more efficient."


More efficient, allowing Weight to focus on his daily responsibilities in his second year as the school's AD.


"If you get the information to the people that want it, in a simpler format, it makes my life a lot easier," said Weight.


In the end, it may make everyone in the district's life a little bit easier.


"We're focused on doing what our community has asked us to do," said Morris.


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