Heat Related Death Sparks Summer Safety Reminder

ROCK COUNTY -- The warmer weather claims it's first victim. The Rock County coroner reports a resident has died partially due to the heat.

Now the office has issued a few tips to stay safe in the summer-time weather.

To avoid heat exhaustion or stroke the coroner's office says to stay hydrated, look for shade, avoid spending an excessive amount of time outside, and if you think you or someone else might be overheated, call 911.


Heat cramps - are the result of excessive salt and water losses due to profuse sweating when the body attempts
to rapidly lose heat. It presents as intermittent muscle cramps, which usually
occur in the legs (calves and thighs).

Heat exhaustion - is a more severe form of heat injury. It implies a significant loss of water from the body. The signs and symptoms are:

-  Weakness,

-  Exhaustion,

-  Headaches,

-  Dizziness, and profuse sweating with an elevated body

Heat stroke - is the most serious form of heat injury. It manifests with a body core temperature in excess of 103 –
105 degrees (F) and above (which could result in death). Victims may present with confusion, aggressive
and may progress into a comatose state. It is a medical emergency - CALL 911!

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