Heavy Winds Giving Stateline Rural Areas Nightmares

- Paw Paw- Drifting snow and high winds have made roads nearly invisible to see for driver. Residents of the town say the drifting snow can sometimes get as high as 5 feet.


Paw Paw resident Mike Lambert says “it can get pretty bad out here you know. We have big drifts that come across here and there, so you gotta watch what you’re doing and watch out for the white outs.”


The Paw Paw school district let students out early due to the winds. They also cancelled all after school activities, and their girl’s basketball tournament they had planned for the weekend.


And as the roads deteriorate, many in this Lee County village have no choice but to hunker down.


Paw Paw resident Julie Sones says “over the years it’s been quite bad. You pretty much can’t go anywhere. We are stuck in this town. Usually the grocery stores are without food.”

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