Hot Shots Friday

- Witnesses called 9-1-1 after seeing a 72-year-old woman in the Chicago river early today. Rescue divers got to her within minutes and slowly swam back to shore. She was taken to the hospital in good condition. Authorities believed she jumped in.

We've seen these ice tsunami's before, but these pictures from Michigan are incredible. The wall of ice washing ashore, smashing up against homes along the shoreline causing property damage. It happens after a long winter of thick ice breaks up in spring, then winds push the ice on shore. Neighbors say it's been years since they've seen the ice creep up this far inland.

Finally a novelty made popular in spy movies could soon be reality. Dissolvable electronics. From medical tools inside your body to military gadgets collecting information, to credit cards and passports. The electronic material would disappear after it's served it's purpose.
Researchers say they're still a few years away from making the technology available in commercially available products.



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