Hot Shots Friday

- And leave your stomach at the door. This is the banshee, the new ride at Kings Island in Ohio. It's the longest inverted roller coaster at 167-feet in the air and 68-miles an hour. If that's not scary enough, you're upside down seven times during the ride.

A view from above the annual Easter marshmallow drop in Michigan. Hundreds of kids and parents scrambling. The Easter bunny's helicopter dropped the goodies at a Detroit area park, then everyone collects them for prizes.  And this year there's a special prize for the finder of a colored marshmallow commemorating the 30-th anniversary drop.

Finally-- watch what happens to golfer Pablo Larazabal at the Malaysia open. He's attacked by hornets! It got so bad he had to escape by diving into a nearby water hazard. He did receive medical treatment for multiple stings, but he got back on the course.  He finished the round at 68!


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