Hot Shots Friday

A group of window washers use their super powers to help cheer up kids in an alabama hospital. Here you see four employees of the squeegee cleaning services dressed up as superman, batman, captain america and spiderman. Hospital officials say this stunt is done to help raise awareness of childhood cancers.

Acognac connisseur in texas paid 22-thousand dollars a bottle! Ray davis is a collector of fine cognacs--- and this 100 year old batch was too much to pass up--- so he bought two of them! Two!Total bill, with tax, was over 50-thousand bucks. He says he plans to drink one of the two bottles and save the other for his grandkids. Four generations of cellar masters oversaw the blend.

Finally, mushrooms the size of melons!Missouri mushroom hunters ran across these "giant puffballs" recently.  The experts say they're edible when they're young, but not so much when they get this big. Some have a purple inside--- and you definitely don't want to eat that.You're from missouri. Did you ever see one that large?

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