Hot Shots Monday

- Check out what the folks in India are dealing with. A monkey infestation! Thousands of them roaming the streets, going into homes, stealing food and clothing. Wildlife officials say new building has expanded into the monkey's habitat.

It was an extra special father's day for one baseball fan. Watch what happens in the game between the Rockies and the Giants. The ball is hit deep to center for a home run. Look close and you'll see the man make a bare-handed catch while holding his baby in the other arm! He's so casual about it too, like he's done it before.

Finally, more than 300 people in Ohio set the Guinness world record for people modeling in a duct tape fashion show. Models wore everything from duct tape skirts, dresses, suits, even duct tape pants. It's all part of a weekend duct tape festival that features a float parade. More than 50-thousand people attended.

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