Hot Shots Monday

- Look at the size of this waterslide in Missouri. It's 168-feet high. That's the tallest in the world. You'll go down at 60 miles per hour, and it only takes 11 seconds to reach the end. It doesn't open until may 24th.

Watch this tiny monkey slaps a Houston morning news anchor across the face! She was teasing him with a grape and the little guy didn't take like it. She wasn't hurt, although he did get her right below her eye. The monkey starred in the movie "Dr. Doolittle".

Finally, it's the annual bed races in the Florida keys. Thousands of people come out to watch teams propel beds on wheels as fast as possible toward the finish line. Rules state at least one person has to ride the bed. It's part of the island city's independence celebration, commemorating the day that the Florida Keys staged a secession from the u-s in 1982.

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