Hot Shots Monday

- While most soccer fans are focused on the world cup, these Canadians are playing their own version.  It's called bubble soccer and the rules are the same except players are inside an inflatable plastic bubble. You can push opposing players to the ground. They say it's a terrific workout.

Check out the boarding cop. Joel Swicky uses a  specially made skateboard to cover his beat in Green Bay. He says it's great exercise and it helps earn respect from the hard to please teen crowd. And yes, he has made a traffic stop while on his skateboard, a motorcyclist driving where he wasn't supposed to. No plans yet to attach a siren to his board.

Finally a group of fisherman spotted a 16-foot great white shark in southern New Jersey. The shark circled innocently at first. But then he got hungry and ripped the bait basket right off the side of the boat. Local experts say it's not uncommon to see a great white near that section of the Atlantic coast in summer.

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