Hot Shots Monday

- These whales really showing off for folks off the coast of California. Huge schools of anchovies just off the shoreline brought them there. Many swam circles around boats and showed their tails before diving for another bite.

Check out this massive 22-thousand square foot slip 'n slide taking over downtown Salt Lake City. Hundreds of kids, and many adults taking the plunge over the weekend. Organizers put a cushion under the plastic slide to make sure no one gets hurt. A 75 foot pool greeted those who slid all the way to the end.

Finally, Quackers was rescued by matt from a storm drain a few weeks ago, and since then, they're inseparable. The wayward duck follows matt to work every day. He gives Quackers baths and three meals a day. The  bond may not be what nature intended but now its a match made in heaven.

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