Hot Shots Monday

- A face only a mother could love. We're talking about bulldogs, lot of them. Hundreds of runners and their bulldogs taking to the streets of Indianapolils for the annual bulldog run. The 22nd annual race benefits the local humane society. Even the Oscar Meyer weiner hot dog car making an appearance.

A drive-in movie theater has been converted into a church. Parishoners in Daytona Beach Florida can enjoy mass from the comfort of their cars. And, just like a drive-in theater, you can listen to the mass by tuning into the car radio. And at the end of the sermon, everyone honks their horns and turns on their car lights.

Finally a family in Massachusettes rescues an unexpected visitor. A deer was stuck in their backyard fence. They thought it was branches at first, but then realized the branches were moving. The deer was bucking so it was a dangerous rescue. They calmed the deer down and got his legs out from the fence.

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