Hot Shots Monday

- Watch a Turkish f-16 landing at the british royal airforce show over the weekend. The jet coming down really low over the crowd. If you look close you can see the crowd ducking for cover, and i don't blame them.

Incredible video from China as a suspected arsonist sets a bus on fire. The attacker clearly pours a flamable liquid on the floor and sets it on fire sending passengers into a frenzy trying to escape. Fifteen victims are in critical condition. The reason behind the attack is still unclear.

Finally check out these robot valets at a German airport. The robot picks up your car like a forklift then carries it off to a parking spot. When you return, the robot carries it back to you. They've even nicknamed the robot "ray". It's about 40 bucks a day. No word if you'll see it in O'hare or Midway anytime soon.

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