Hot Shots Monday

- At 25-hundred frames per second, the British based slow-mo guys give us their most painful stunt yet, 150 mousetraps going off one by one in ultra slo-motion. Luckily he was only pinched by one or two of the traps and wasn't hurt. This video has millions of youtube hits.

Horse races bring out fashion you just don't see anymore. But at the Dubai world cup horse race, the fashions are over-the-top. This is some creative head-ware, from a huge red rose to an old-fashioned movie zoetrope. It may look silly, but the prize is worth 8-thousand dollars to the winner.

Finally, Matt Stutzman was born without arms, but he's an Olympic champion archer. The Iowa athlete holds the bow in his right foot and has a specially-made release that hooks into his shoulder. Stutzman, who's competing in the championships in North Dakota this week, says he doesn't want to be known as the archer without arms, he simply wants to be the best in the world.

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