Hot Shots Thursday

- Runners in downtown Des Moines Iowa are being attacked by a very posessive bird. Watch as the red-winged black bird dive bombs them, and in some cases, pecks them. The bird is simply protecting the baby birds nesting nearby.

An amazing rescue caught on tape. A humpback whale in Australia back in the water after being stranded for two days on a beach. Sea
World officials helped push the giant animal far enough into the sea so it could swim on it's own. It wasn't easy. The whale was 26-feet long and weighed 20 tons.Finally besties come in all shapes and sizes and ages.

Take four year old Emmett and 90-year old Erling. These next door neighbors spend pretty much every day together. The unlikely  pair play a lot of  baseball, but they really bonded over the world war two veteran's tomato plants. Friends say they learn something from each other every day. 

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