Hot Shots Thursday

- Watch this bizarre robbery attempt at a North Dakota mexican restaurant. Yes, that's a box over the suspects head. He didn't take anything, but did use a rock to bust out a window and that caused about a thousand bucks in damage.

Great video of a pair of French base jumpers free falling off the tallest building in the world. It's a long way down, 27-hundred feet, or more than half a mile!  By the way, they also set a new world's record for base jumping in the process.

Finally K-F-C is offering a finger licking good way to get your prom date's attention. It's a chicken corsage! Original or krispy? A Kentucky florist teamed up with the chicken chain to create the unique decoration. The promotion was originally supposed to stay local, but social media has blown things up, and now KFC is shipping them all over the country.


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