Hot Shots Thursday

- His name is "Chip' and he found himself in a tight spot Tuesday.  He spent the night with his head stuck in a cinder block. A neighbor spotted chip, called fire officials, and they were able to loosen the brick around his head and squeeze him out. Outside of some redness by his neck, chip is good to go.

Part goat. Part sheep. Petting zoo owners are calling it a "geep". The rare half-goat, half sheep hybrid was a surprise to the folks who run the zoo. They didn't even know their ewe was pregnant.  They named her butterfly because of the spots on her neck.

Finally, incredible pictures of a dramatic rescue. Volunteers in southern California help pull passengers from a burning plane seconds after it crashed. The plane caught fire after it bounced while trying to land at a nearby airport. One passenger died in the crash, but the quick work of bystanders helped save several from severe burns.


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