Hot Shots Thursday

- Firefighters rescue a tiny dog from a storm drain in North Carolina. The yorkie fell down the drain at an apartment complex. It took a few firefighters to pry open the drain and one with really long arms to get him out. The yorkie's owner was in tears when it was over.

Look at these adorable rare snow leopard cubs born in April at the Akron, Ohio zoo. They're being kept in a cubbing area with their mother. They'll be introduced to visitors later this summer when a contest will be held to  name them.

A wild police chase in Illinois  caught on tape. Police started pursuing two suspects wanted for a home burglary in Missouri. The suspects crashed their car into a river and began to swim away, right into a swamp. Police went into the swamp, right behind them. Cops eventually caught up with the pair and they gave up peacefully.

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