Hot Shots Thursday

- Watch as a Florida driver speeds off with the officer hanging onto the vehicle. He's dragged some 50 feet before the driver comes to his senses and stops. Incredibly the officer wasn't hurt. The driver was pulled over for an expired license, but now he's in much more trouble.

They call themselves "furries"-- people who dress up in animal costumes-- and they have a convention all to themselves. About six-thousand folks gathered in Pittsburgh for the annual celebration. Keep in mind-- these are not professional mascots. The convention is no joke to Pittsburgh. It brings an estimated 7 million bucks to the local economy.

Finally, a pesky squirrel caused quite a bit of commotion for a TV station. The power went out during a live newscast in Oregon. The utility company says it was all caused by a squirrel who came into contact with some electrical equipment. Nine thousand resident were affected in all.

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