Hot Shots Thursday

- Watch as surveillance video catches a guy stealing a 500-pound hot tub! He tries to spray paint the security camera but that didn't work. He actually brought a pump to drain the tub! Then, with the help of a buddy, he wheels it onto a truck and takes off.

A girl in Michigan undergoes groundbreaking surgery.  11-year-old Charlotte was mauled by a raccoon as a baby. A doctor sculpted an ear from cartilage in her ribs and put it on her arm. The ear will take skin from her arm and in a matter of weeks, it will be surgically attached to her head.
Charlotte says she plans to celebrate by getting an earring this summer.

Finally, a pair of kittens accidentally shipped from Los Angeles to a communications company in  San Diego are going to be just fine. But they certainly were an unexpected surprise for workers who opened up a box of fiberglass equipment to see two tiny balls of fur. The humane society says the mother probably had the babies and put them in a safe spot.
They've nicknamed them "wifi" and "mouse".


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