Hot Shots Thursday

- Check out little Bobby Klein. His dad says he fell in love with racing at age 3 and has since won several trophys in midget racing. The cars only go about 25 miles an hour, but when you're six, that's fast! His mom and dad say they're trained themselves to have nerves of steel.

A California artist created candy art, depicting everyone from Miley Cyrus to Michael Jackson. The candy used reflects the celebs personality. For example judge Judy's fiery reputation is depicted with hot tamale candy. Reality star honey boo-boo was made with pork rinds and cheese balls.
Comedian Zack Galifinakis was made entirely out of gummy bears.

Finally Naperville residents are seeing more and more snakes in their yards. One woman says she's seen at least five in her bushes this week. Experts say they've been hibernating after a long winter and now they're looking for food. They say to leave them alone because some could be venomous.



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