Hot Shots Thursday

- That's local drummer Pat Betts playing during a local wedding. He's in a band called Prime time. I've sat in on drums a few times with them, although i wish i could play that well. So send us your video to Facebook, my eyewitness news and we'll we'll see if it's "hot shot" worthy.

Another ice bucket challenge to show you. This time the New York Jets taking the plunge of ice-cold water after the New England patriots threw out the challenge. But the jets group didn't use buckets. The local fire department brought in a hose to do the dirty work from high above. Now the jets have thrown down the gauntlet to the NY Yankees and NY Mets.
Finally a California hotel is  using a robot to deliver room service! If you forget to pack your toothbrush, no worries. The robot will deliver it directly to your room. Your room number is programmed in and within a few minutes, it's at your door. The designers say they were inspired by R2-D2.

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