Hot Shots Tuesday

- Residents along a lake in Minnesota dealing with walls of ice pushing right up to their front door. Strong winds push the ice onto land and even across a local highway. This isn't new to resdents who live here, but one local said it's the worst lake ice he's seen in years. One resident used a bobcat to get rid of the ice.

A Pennsylvania couple tie the knot in a hospital. The wedding was set for Friday but right before the ceremony he had a heart attack. But quick action by the ems crew saved him and two days later, they got married in the hospital. Until death do us part, and it won't be today.

Finally,  A 90-year-old world war two veteran is running cross country to raise funds for a military memorial. He started running from San Diego in October and he hopes to reach the Atlantic in about three years. He's no stranger to marathons. He ran his first when he was 87 and his second when he was 89.

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