Hot Shots Tuesday

- A wild rescue at sea. It happened during a yacht race in the Pacific, a sailor swept overboard in rough seas. He was wearing a life vest and dry suit, but it took the crew an hour and a half to get him safely back on board. He was treated for shock and hypothermia, but he'll be ok.

Sand castle building is no kids game in Mexico. Sculptors of all levels carving their best sand creation on this beach in Acapulco. Everything from angels, mermaids, even the eiffel tower rose up from the beaches. The detail is incredible. The artists use paint brushes, knives, even portable fans to get it just right.

Finally, this sloth baby bear at the Washington, D.C. Zoo has been raised by five human moms after mother bear was acting aggressive. They searched for a substitute bear mom but couldn't find one. So the zoo workers took turns giving him bottle feedings, lullabyes, playing with him.
Now he's grown and will be on public display this summer.


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