Hot Shots Tuesday

- It's fair season and that means deep fried anything! And the New York state fair is pulling out all the stops with this, a deep fried twix bar stuffed inside a twinkie and wrapped in bacon! Of course they have the usual assortment of deep fried oreo cookies and ice cream in case you want to go old school.

Incredible video tonight of a boat accident. It happened during a high speed boat race in Missouri. Watch as wind causes the boat to lose control and flip over twice going at 180 miles an hour. It's hard to believe the two men inside the boat were not killed.

Finally, Massachusetts beach-goers were ordered out of the water when a shark was spotted from a helicopter less than 70-yards from the shore. Local marine fisheries say the shark was a great white, about 14 feet long.  The beach was eventually re-opened after the shark was spotted heading into deeper water.

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