Hot Shots Tuesday

- A group of fishermen came across a curious 30-foot-long whale shark in Florida. So they grabbed onto its fin and hung on for the ride! The fish played with them for about 20 minutes before leaving. Were they scared? They say "no". The whale shark is one of of the most docile fish in the sea.

The embattled mayor of Toronto is getting a musical! A theater group in Toronto holding open auditions this week. The musical will focus on the absurdity of Rob Ford's reign as the mayor, including his alcohol, drug use, and his wild style of management. At least one tryout was a dead-ringer for Ford.

We're not the only ones dealing with black bears. A pair of joggers in Canada  were followed by this bear. They tried shouting at him. They picked up rocks to defend themselves. They were able to get back to the car unhurt. Wildlife experts say they did the right thing. They didn't panic.

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