Hot Shots Tuesday

- The "funky Tut" van getting all kinds of looks around Houston. But there's a point to the odd King Tut tribute. Driver Wayne Weldon is hoping to raise money for huntington's disease research. The disease took wayne's mom's life a few years back. Wayne felt turning an '86 van into a sphynx would get their attention, and it has.

An animal mystery solved in Chile. Dozens of cows were found dead in a field. At first they couldn't figure out what happened. Turns out they were taking shelter under a tree during a bad thunderstorm and they got zapped. Locals say recent storms were some of the worst in years.

Finally, as if they don't have enough problems in Ukraine, a fight broke out between opposing factions in parliament. It was so bad, a female member was throwing haymakers. It started after a member of the Communist Party gave a speech critical of the opposition's demonstrations earlier this year.


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