Hot Shots Tuesday

- A construction company in southern California is building new homes equipped with a dog suite. It features a wash station, a doggie bed, even a flat screen tv where they  watch shows about, what else, dogs. There's even a stacked washer and dryer just for pet blankets. And camera's let you keep an eye on fluffy when you're not around. Pricetag? An extra 35-grand

Watch closely as this semi truck tries to make a u turn on train tracks. As the  truck around as a train slams into it at full speed. This happened in Kentucky. The trailer was loaded with charcoal lighter fluid. The truck driver is recovering after undergoing surgery.

Finally,  check out the annual wiener dog races in Seattle. A disabled dachshund flew down the track on a pair of wheels. His name: Anderson Pooper. Even though he came in last place Pooper stole the show.


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