Hot Shots Tuesday

- Breath-taking video released of a base jump off the world trade tower last fall. This shot is from more than 13-hundred feet in the air from a helmet cam. You can see the jumper plummet for several seconds, then the parachute comes open and he lands on the street. The jumpers say all ad revenue from  youtube hits will be donated to charity, but the NYPD isn't happy. The three jumpers were arragned Monday. How'd they get up there?  They sneaked in through a hole in a fence.

An ATM that spits out, not cash, but cupcakes! New York City the latest to get one of these vending machines by sprinkles, an L.A. bakery. You simply swipe your card, work the screen and satisfy that sweet craving. Each cupcake is 4-25 each.

Finally, a grade school setting the record for a Hot Wheels loop- the- loop. The 9-foot, 9-inch loop bested the old record by 6 inches. It didn't work the first three times... The car kept careening off the track.  The Shaker Heights students also raised 12-thousand bucks for charity as part of the stunt.

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