Hot Shots Wednesday

- Lyle likes roller coasters so much, his dad built him one in the backyard. His dad built it as an incentive to get his son interested in math and physics. The coaster is powered by gravity, at least for now. Lyle says he hopes to grow up to be a designer of roller coasters.

Crazy surveillance video of a deer bolting through the parking lot of a Wisconsin restaurant and then flying through the front window. The deer soon ran off and no one was hurt. Wildlife experts say with how close deer life to urban areas, they were probably lost and scared.

Finally, it was a scene out of the wild west in California. A cow on the loose near Sacramento managed to elude police, farmers on ATVS, and anyone else who tried to corral him. He even made his way to a nearby shopping center. Finally, after four hours of running around, a cowboy on a horse lassoed him, just like they do in the  movies.


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