Hot Shots Wednesday

- Engineers in Japan unveiling the latest in robot technology. One robot gets you out of bed, serves you a drink, even makes you breakfast. Problem is the price. Some are a million bucks or more apiece. Experts say it's probably 40 years before "family robots" are affordable to anyone, but it's cool to think about.

Remember the storm system in Nebraska a few weeks ago that spawned twin tornadoes? Look at what it did to this store, basically turned it into rubble in seconds. You can see the people who took cover in the back of the store, coming out to see the damage. Fortunately, no one in the store was seriously hurt.

Finally, watch this pontoon plane coming in for a landing, and look close for a spout of water coming up just as he's ready to hit the water. That was the blowhole of a humpback whale! The pilot was able to pull up just in the nick of time. Turns out, he was reacting to the commotion on shore. He didn't even realize there was a whale below him.

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