Hot Shots Wednesday

- Watch this surveillance video of a speeding car slamming into a restaurant in California. It was the terrible end to a police pursuit. You can see sidewalk diners trying to get out of the way. Four people were taken to the hospital

A mother is thanking her mailman for saving her 11 year old baby. She says her son put a plastic wrapper in his mouth and started choking, just as Chris the mailman neared her door. Chris used the E.R. training he learned with the post office and performed the Heimlich on the little boy. We're told the baby is doing fine.

Finally, a nine-year-old turns his birthday wish into a generous donation. Instead of presents, Gunner Robinson asked for shoes for kids in need.
The request went over big and now he's collected more than 400 pairs of new shoes.  He's already working on a thanksgiving food drive.

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