Hot Shots Wednesday

By Nick Toma |

Published 08/27 2014 05:35PM

Updated 08/27 2014 10:38PM

He has just one arm, and he's only three, but it's not stopping him from hitting a golf ball like a pro. Tommy Morrissey was born with one arm, a blood clot claiming the other one. But he hits the ball a mile. The little athlete says his favorite player is Bubba Watson.

The streets of Spain run red after the wild "Tomatina" battle. It's a traditional event where thousands gather to hurl tomatoes at each other. The event brings in about a-hundred-twenty-five tons of ripe tomatoes.  Around twenty-two thousand people participate each year. It's inspired by a food fight between local children back in 19-45.

Finally,  a dramatic rescue caught on tape. It happened on Australia's south coast to a family of three when they got stranded in their vehicle in the middle of a flooded creek. Their son swam to safety and called for help. Then a rescue chopper pulled them to safety. Rescuers say they were treated for mild hypothermia.


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